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CPS Doors manufactures facades covered with aluminum sheet or in combination with composite materials. The materials are available in many different colors and finishes to suit every need. Thanks to the technical characteristics of the aluminum facades can be made large even combined with large windows. The production technique, the many solutions applicable to allow these systems to realize structures extremely customizable.


The ventilated fa├žade is a structure consisting of a layer of continuous insulating applied close to the wall existing on the outer side and a skin bound to the building via a metal substructure in aluminum or composite materials alucobond. The distance between the insulating layer and the coating creates an air chamber where it activates a natural ventilation. This method combines two important aspects: the keeping rain water and water vapor permeability of the wall.

In the winter season the ventilated facade remains high internal surface temperature, preventing condensation and significantly reducing the low-temperature radiation from the walls. In summer time the effect is opposite: the natural chimney effect reduces the amount of heat that radiates the 'building due to solar irradiation.


The C.P.S. It is able to provide facilities in Steel / Aluminium / Wood exactly as per the needs and requirements of the customer.

Materials with different properties that come together in an extraordinary way. A detailed study for the use of frames and profiles to support the large sizes both internal and external are needed to make a custom design and durable with minimal maintenance.

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