aluminium doors and windows

Due to its characteristics the aluminum is particularly suitable for modern architectures. Widely used in the production of window frames of any kind and form, in particular for large openings where due to the robustness of the material and to the innovative production technologies to "thermal break" makes it particularly suitable for use in private homes as in industry site.

The aluminum frames can be customized in a variety of colors from RAL to the oxidized wood effects.

It is used for many types of products: windows doors or sliding windows, blinds and shutters, curtain walls, glass and windows extremly large as shop windows, industrial doors, interior doors for offices, solar shading.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) doors and windows

PVC windows get many favorable opinions and are widely used in the manufacture of window frames due to the quality offered by the material. A PVC windows can be fitted to any type of window, is very customizable and fits in with many types of styles: classic, modern, rustic ...

Our PVC doors is available in a wide range of colors to choose the one that suits your home, your style and decor. Also interesting is the solution PVC treated so as to appear wood, with a final result almost indistinguishable from real wood.

The advantages of a PVC windows are considerable: virtually no maintenance, ease of cleaning, resistance in time (do not deform and do not rot). They also offer significant energy savings due to the characteristics of the thermal insulating material. Restrooms, fire-retardant and great value for money.

Timber doors and windows

A wooden frame is always a particularly pleasant.

Being a natural material, wood gives warmth and pleasure to the touch, fitting with any decor.

The new production technologies allow us to produce profiles to be used in the construction of doors and windows, making them dimensionally stable and durable while retaining the aesthetic characteristics of the wood.

aluminium and timber composite dors

The aluminum joinery timber, combine the simplicity of a traditional material such as wood, strength and light weight of aluminum.

This solution combines the advantages of both materials and eliminate their defects, thus obtaining a classic frame with the performance of a modern conveniences and technology. The aluminum on the outside gives the window sealing quality, durability and insulation, wood, inside, lending itself to more traditional finishes, allowing the window to fit furnishings, becoming a piece of furniture.

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