The garage doors manufactured by C.P.S. are available in three types:


Sectional doors open vertically upwards, gaining space both inside and in front of the garage and leaving the passage. They fit perfectly to all garage openings: rectangular, shaped, arched.

They are widely used in both new construction projects and in the case of restructuring. The wide range of colors and finishes is able to meet all needs.


The overhead garage doors are tailor-made products in order to obtain a refined and highly customizable solution.

A sturdy door, safe, quality and reliable over time, is a result generated by many factors, it is essential to choose correctly between the countless possibilities to find the best technical and economical solution best suited to your needs.


The folding doors are a practical solution for daily use.

The robustness, the solidity, the different style solutions, the materials and the colors are matched to the simplicity and rapidity of use.

Folding doors are designed and manufactured in different models to suit every need and are specially manufactured to the size and type of motion best suited to the needs of the customer.

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